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<<Considering psychotherapy and counselling?

One of the few certainties about life is that it throws challenges our way. Life changes, illnesses, relationships, bereavements, work problems redundancies… Sometimes they feel overwhelming.


If that cannot be changed, psychotherapy and counselling can help navigate them. I don’t have a magic wand like Harry Potter. I suspect also you would, rightly, be supicious of anyone claiming to possess such an object. They can help in the psychological aspects of these problems.What therapy and counselling can do is help you find strategies and solutions that are right for you. 

In many ways therapy and counselling offer the same thing. 


My training has been in the transpersonal tradition of psychotherapy. It iis one that aims to integrate all methods, and encompass all realms of our experience, from issues that date back to early life, though those in present over things like work and relationship to matters some call spiritual. If you don’t like the term “spiritual,” don’t worry I am not aligned to any religion or particular practice beyond looking at what might work for you. I have a wide range of tools and psychological “languages” which we can use in this. The most frequent one though will always be one we are very familiar with: a conversation between two people. It sometimes amazes me what we can achieve in a safe place where we are free to express what is going on in our minds. 

I currently operate in London at CCPE (address on the contact page) and am looking to set up an additional  practice in Kent. If you feel after reading this I might be able to offer some help to you please feel free to contact me by one of the means provided in the contacts list.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Graham Mummery >>

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